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Concave Scrying (Gazing/Vision) 6" Mirror


Concave Scrying (Gazing/Vision)
6" Bevel Edge Mirror
with Stand

The very Best quality in Scrying Mirrors

Scrying can defined as the mantic art of gazing into or upon a crystal or dark mirror, allowing the physical eyes to relax, thus letting the inner psychic eyes begin to open and receive desired visions or information.

The black scrying mirror is a powerful psychic tool. It allows communication with higher realms and the subconscious. Nostradamus used a Black Scrying Mirror to receive the visions he based his prophecies on.

With practice you will see images like still photographs or movie film clips. Spirits may sometimes look at the scryer, talk to the scyer, or even touch the scryer. The intensity and strength of the visions you will receive from your mirror can even vary with astrological changes.

The references below can explain many of the ways your mirror can be used. We recommend that you research how this extremely powerful device can be used for your personal desires. You can easily find a variety of exciting methods to use your mirror.

Our black mirrors are excellent for Candle Scrying. By positioning a candle behind the black mirror in a dimly lighted room, with no light source in front of the mirror, you can scry the dancing flame of the candle. When lighted from the front, the mirrors are opaque black.

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